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From a young age I lived in East London on the East Coast of Sothern Africa. This at that stage of South Africa's history was a contentious blend of culture, arts and social transition. Living in close proximity to the local Xhosa speaking people I developed a deep understanding of their culture and way of life, which is a very basic and rudimentary way. It simplifies our existence on earth, and shows us the importance of harmony with nature and our fellow man.

"If there are dreams about a beautiful South Africa, there are also roads that lead to their goal. Two of these roads could be named Goodness and Forgiveness." Nelson Mandela


Living in Port St Johns, and wakening up every day to an awe-inspiring landscape and the sound of my two beautiful daughters brings truth to my life. Chasing away naughty Vervit monkey, cows and monitor lizards in a fight for survival for all things green, reminds me of the significance of Mother Nature.The musical rhythm of life is in the beats we create every day, just jamming with close friends or listening to a good tune connects me to the spirit. This is a vital part of my live.


My Paintings:
I create my realistic impressions of nature, landscapes and people on canvas using a combination of acrylic paint and oil pastels. My style is a unique ever evolving perception of the magnificent world around me.

"Art has a relationship to morals only in so far as the peculiar quality of a work of art is an expression of the artist's personality. Grand artists make grand art and tender, tender art. It is not from the outside. It must grow from the inside as the natural expression of the artist's soul. And it is not a question of choice but an inescapable fact. The mean-hearted artist cannot produce a great painting, and a big-hearted artist cannot produce a mean picture, even if his life were at stake." lin Yutang

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