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Our Accommodation Is More Of A Retreat Because That Is How I Experience Life Here. The Beach Is Literally A Stones Throw Away. We Have Walks Up To The Infamous Gap Which Boasts A Natural Blowhole. The Bulolo Waterfall Is A Jungle Walk Which Can Be Guided Or Taken On Your Own With Our Instructions.
The Accommodation Is In An Awsome Setting..

Our Restaurant Has Evolved Over 10 Years, With Dedication And Determination. We Only Use Natural And Local Produce To Achieve Delicious Results. Our Garden Supplies Us With Fresh Herbs. And Our Sea Supplies Us With Fresh Seafood. Read More...

Juliet Leslie
From a young age I lived in East London on the East Coast of Sothern Africa. This at that stage of South Africa's history was a contentious blend of culture, arts and social transition. Living in close proximity to the local Xhosa speaking people I developed a deep understanding of their culture and way of life, which is a very basic and rudimentary way. It simplifies our existence on earth, and shows us the importance of harmony with nature and our fellow man.Read More...

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